I want to sing it from the rooftops (or talk about it at every meal) but people would be annoyed, so I will just tell you about it here.


I have done "art" for as long as I can remember. I took art elective classes all through school and even took art college courses. I did custom paintings and murals for years before I decided to finally cave and buy a camera (something other than my Nikon Coolpix) and pursue my photography dream.


I bought a fancy (DSLR) used camera off a yard sale ad in November of 2016 (without a clue how to use it), made a few goals (and wrote them down), jokingly told my husband I was quitting my job in a year, YouTube became my best companion for months, and I quit my corporate manager job in November of 2017. God works miracles, AM I RIGHT?!


I also could not have done it without my insanely supportive and motivating husband, Chris, or my Mom that picks up all of my slack for this family and frequently watches Grayson during shoots and weddings. Thankful, SO thankful, for family (near and far) and for the friends that have supported me from day one.


To those of you waiting to chase your dreams. Just do it.


Buy the camera, change career paths, move cities. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency but JUST DO IT.


Ok, now I sound like a Nike ad, but my story is based on three things - Faith, Goals, and Optimism. You won't know until you try it.

I say it all the time and I really do mean it, I have the best job that I could ever dream up. I get to spend my days at home with our son, nap times editing beautiful people, and I get to meet (and become friends with) some of the most wonderful humans on this Earth. I get so excited when I prepare for bride consultations and wedding days, but I also have so much fun spending time on the weekends with so many amazing families. I get to come home and look at all of the images and I LITERALLY get giddy every time I download a new session to edit. Photography is art and art has been my passion for years.

What I learned along the way, however, is that I was extremely passionate about business and entrepreneurship, as well. I get fired up when people ask me how I was able to build a business from scratch and quit my job in a year. Why? Because I know you can do it, too.



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I'm Courtney Garrett, a wedding and portrait photographer, podcaster, and educator from Northwest Arkansas.

I left my corporate career, picked up a camera, hustled harder than I imagined possible, and am now running the business I once dreamt of.

the road to podcasting

For the past (almost) three years, I have said "I can't imagine doing anything better". But over the past year there was something else I was meant to be doing alongside all of the wonderful photography things. I just couldn't put a finger on it, but my mind was racing with ideas, and my heart was growing more passionate about sharing my story and my business with others.


After almost a year of dreaming, thinking, and self doubting, I decided to start working on my very own educational business podcast. With great amounts of encouragement from my husband, I launched my podcast "The Entrepreneurial Spirit" in January of 2019.

I have since met some of the most incredible human beings and have held some of the greatest conversations with talented business owners. But the best part of it all? I get to share all of it with YOU GUYS!

What makes me happy? Being able to help entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses, encouraging others to find a job they love, and simply cheering people on during their current season of life.


is my middle name

You can most likely find me...


WEARING: yoga pants and a sweatshirt


DRINKING: *coffee*, water or pinot noir

SITTING: on the couch with my laptop, phone in close proximity, and my son, Grayson, by my side.

READING: a devotional or self-help book

LISTENING TO: a podcast

HOPING: to help others live a life they truly love, while working fewer hours

THINKING: about how much the guy on the far right (my husband, Chris) does for this family + how lost we would be without him. We are a 50/50 household and he often does more than his share.

IN MY FREE-TIME: playing with Grayson, enjoying time with Chris, fitting in a workout, or organizing some part of my life (#enneagram1).



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