You see your Instagram feed full of other people's carefree, candid, and thoughtfully posed images and you constantly find yourself thinking "how the heck do I get my images to look like that?". "What do you say to get clients to pose like that?" might wonder. Where in the world do I tell them to put their hands? What can I say to make them laugh? Maybe you've even been in the middle of a shoot and thought "Crud. What am I going to have them do next??? I've run out of ideas".


Worry no more, I've got you! I'm here to get you unstuck. To give you the cues I give my very own clients, at the majority of my sessions. Next time you're in a posing rut, you'll have a guide to help you!


The 30 Pose Posing Guide is a 32 page guide, with 30 tried and true poses, made just for you! I know just how hard it is to get creative when it comes to posing. I, also, know that it is insanely important that your clients feel happy and excited to get their images back after they work with you. 


This guide is going to teach you

- how to pose your clients

- give you guidance to make your clients feel at ease and loosen up

- directional cues to tell your couples

- what I would do in certain posing situations


It's basically like having me at your sessions to guide you as you do the dang thing!


The 30 Pose Posing Guide also includes: example images, variations of the poses, how to get your clients to feel more relaxed, and directional cues. To top it all off, I have included a Posing Guide Checklist to use at your sessions, or when you're practicing at home with friends/family! You can print it off, or even download it to your phone, so that you have it in your pocket when you're stuck and need some pose inspiration! Good News: you never have to freeze in front of your clients again! 


The 30 Pose Posing Guide is for you IF:


  • You're a photographer that seems to feel stuck at each session when it comes to posing your couples or, maybe, you're just sick of the same old poses and want something fun, candid and refreshing... I don't blame you (I felt the same way!)
  • You're a blogger/influencer/business owner that wants to be able to take better brand photos
  • You're a hobbyist wanting to learn more to see if you're interested in photographing couples
  • You're wanting to be a professional photographer but the thought of posing clients terrifies you
  • You like the style/feel of my images and want to know how I get my couples to pose the way they do
  • Or if you're simply wanting to take better images of people with your handy smartphone

30 Pose Posing Guide: For Couples Photography

  • This guide is a downloadable file that is in PDF format. After purchase, you can view, or save, your file on any device.


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