You have a Pinterest board sitting full of beauitful image inspiration, but you can't quite seem to get that same beautiful light in your own images. What in the world could you possibly be doing wrong? Why do the images you see on your Instagram feed look so effortless, with the most gorgeous sunset glowing in the background, yet you can't seem to get the same light in your images? Do you feel frustrated and worn out when it comes to taking your own brand photos, because the lighting in your images isn't ideal? Are you a wedding photographer that is terrified of taking portraits in the middle of a sunny day or, even worse, a dark/rainy day? Or a tired mama that just wants ONE GOOD family photo to send to the grandparents?


I've got you, friend. This is not your typical, run of the mill photography guide. The Guide to Good Light is a 13 page PDF guide that I created with you in mind.


This guide is going to teach you

-the different types of common lighting scenarios

-how to take advantage of situations when you find yourself standing in perfect lighting

-how to create that "Good Light" on your own

-how to make the most of it when lighting downright stinks


The Guide to Good Light also includes: example images, my exact Canon camera settings for each example lighting scenario, how to position your subject in different light, and how to troubleshoot.


The Guide to Good Light is for you IF:


  • You're a photographer that wants to get better light in your images and can't seem to always get that "good light" in your images
  • You're a blogger/influencer/business owner that wants to be able to take better brand photos
  • You're a hobbyist wanting to get better images of your friends and family
  • You're wanting to become a professional photographer but don't know all the ins and outs of photography yet
  • You like my photography style and want to know how I get my images to look the way they do
  • Or if you're simply wanting to take better images with your handy smartphone, too!

The Guide to Good Light

  • This guide is a downloadable file that is in PDF format. After purchase, you can view, or save, your file on any device.


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